How to transfer songs from iPhone to iTunes on PC

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    How to transfer songs from iPhone to iTunes on PC

    I have never uesd iphone, but i have heared that it is a little trouble to use it because we have to use a third program to transfer owing to Apple allows iPhone users to transfer files from iTunes to iPhone but not support iPhone music to iTunes.
    Recently I have just bought an iphone 5, and I am looking for a easy way to sync my iphone music to iTunes on windows, but it is failed to get some idea tool, because there are so many similar tools from google, it is very hard for me to decide which one to use. If you are an experience person, you must be very familiar with this, I am really looking forward to your helpful assistance.

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    Hello cecillovell2!

    The problem is, that u can only sync music to iTunes that u have buyed in the iTunes Store! But u can sync music to your pc via copytrans! See here: Transfer iPod to iTunes, copy iPod to PC and iPad to computer

    Best regards,

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    There are many ways for you to transfer iPhone music, here i'd like to show you an easy one!

    It is so easy to transfer iPhone songs to iTunes, you can try these steps:
    Step 1. Run the Transfer and link your iPhone
    Step 2. Select music files you want to transfer from iPhone
    Step 3. Start to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes

    Read the details here:
    How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes Library

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