How to backup your mobile SMS and contacts? (Windows Mobile & iPhone)

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    It is commom that we get a lot of SMS and most of them are so important.Do you find it is not easy that we save so many contacts in our mobile phone?SIM or memory card has its limited storage capacity and our SMS&contacts will become more and more,what can we do with this?Someone will say we can delete them.Yes,of course we you can delete them but you know most of them are so important.I do many thigs to find the solution way,finally I find the best way is that we can save them to our computer,but our mobile phone can not provide the solution way,I have no ideas until the day I get the third part software.Actually,it show me a good way.There are so many this kind of software and which one is the right one?I find 3GMobile SMS + Contacts Backup and GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer[/b] Suite for your windows mobile phone.These software is valueble.

    windows mobile backup software :

    With 3GMobile SMS + Contacts Backup, you can:

    Backup SMS Messages for windows mobile into txt file or .xml backup file and save onto your computer
    Restore SMS Messages from a .xml backup file
    Support all SMS default folders (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items) and custom folders.
    Export your outlook contacts into txt file or .xml backup file format and save onto your pc
    Edit outlook contacts info on computer directly
    Restore outlook contacts from the .xml backup file
    Support unlimited outlook contacts and SMS backup/restore.
    Fast backup and restore speed
    Fully Support Windows Mobile 5/6.0/6.1/6.5

    With GodswMobile Windows Mobile Transfer Suite, you can:

    Backup and restore contacts, including sim card contacts and mobile contacts;
    Backup and restore text message for windows mobile;
    Support backup and restore SMS and Contacts to text file(*.txt);
    Transfer SMS and Contacts from mobile to computer;
    Including an application for windows pc to view,edit and print SMS and Contacts;
    Support set photo and ringtone for contacts on computer directly;
    Support unlimited SMS and Contacts backup/restore;
    Fast backup and restore speed;
    Easy to use - 3 click to finish the backup or restore job;
    Fully support Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6.
    Fully support VGA and WVGA Screen. (Such as HTC Touch HD 2,Pro 2,Diamond 2)

    iphone backup software:

    If you use iPhone I think Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS&Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact can help you:
    With Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS,you can:
    Backup SMS in iPhone to computer before iPhone reject receiving new SMS.
    View and Manage old iPhone SMS in your computer.
    View SMS in Text file format (.txt file), ANTS file format (.ants file), MHT file format (.mht file)on PC.
    Password protection support (ANTS file only).
    Edit SMS (ANTS file only).
    Print SMS (MHT file print by IE).

    With Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact,you can:

    Backup contacts on iPhone memory to a file.
    Export two types of file format (Antc file, Text file).
    Backup iPhone Contact’s Photos.
    Export full screen of iPhone contact’s Photos.
    View Contacts in Text file format (.txt) or ANTC file format (.antc) on PC.
    Password protection support (ANTC file only).

    Have fun with this software,hope it can do you a favor!

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    Apolsoft SMS Transfer for Android Phone (Android v2.1-4.3)

    Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer for Mac is the only smart andriod SMS backup and managment software. It is an application designed for cellphones running android system. It allows you to transfer and backup your SMS messages between android phone and your Mac. I think all android users should own such a powerful android SMS backup manager, because it is a rare good software.

    • Backup and save all your android phone SMS to Mac
    • View and edit exported text message on Mac
    • Restore SMS from Mac to android phone
    • Desktop tool support:Mac OS X v10.4 - 10.8
    • Phone port support: Support android all versions, including the latest version 4.3
    • Transfer SMS into .db file and print it on Mac
    • PC manage tool support txt,excel,csv export
    • Support unlimited SMS backup&restore
    • Export SMS to .db file on Mac
    • Fast backup and restore speed
    • Easy to use

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    As I know the iStonosoft Android Mobile Manager does a great job in this field. It allows users to copy SMS from all kinds of Samsung phones to PC with one simple click. And the exported text conversation will be saved as CSV format, that means you can directly open and edit it on your desktop PC as you like.

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    Did your have use Coolmuster android desktop software? If not, go to the Coolmuster website and find the software, and install it that way.You can get one quickly and easily way to backup android phone contacts .

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