Powerful tool to backup/transfer mobile text messages between mobile and PC

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    Powerful tool to backup/transfer mobile text messages between mobile and PC

    Do you think it is difficult and complex for your to backup mobile sms? I recommend a tool called Godswmobile SMS Transfer V2.1 for you to backup/restore SMS for your mobile. Just 3 clicks and 5 minutes to backup thousands of sms. It can both run on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6/6,1/6.5 system.

    Godswmobile SMS Transfer V2.1 Key feature:
    *Backup sms to a txt file
    Using this software you can backup your SMS to a txt file which can read by both pc and other cellphones easily by the friendly user interface.

    *Manage sms on pc
    After you backup all you sms, you could view your text messages with GodswMobile SMS Manager and you can edit/delete all the text message. What's more, you can print the SMS message from you PC if you want to.

    *Support unlimited SMS backup/restore
    Don't worry that you have too many SMS to backup. This SMS backup software has no disk sapce limit. If you have enough sapce, GodswMobile SMS transfer can backup and restore unlimited SMS and contacts.

    *Easy to use
    Some softwares are excellent but hard to manage. Peple always puzzle with these kind of software. Don't worry GodswMobile sms transfer is too complex to use. It supports customized transfer and very easy for you to manage.

    *Fully support Windows Mobile 5 and 6
    This software can support cellphone both on windows mobile 5 and 6. You can backup the WM5 cellphone and then restore to both WM5 and WM6 cellphone. Also, you can backup WM6 cellphone then restore to both WM5 and WM6 cellphone.

    *Latest mobile support:
    some backpup software just can support the VGA screen, it cause that many WVGA screen phone can't display full screen. But this tool perfectly support VGA and WVGA Screen (such as HTC Touch HD/2 and Diamond/2).

    *Screen shot:

    Google "Godswmobile SMS Transfer V2.1" to get more information.

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    Hallo dolphin200988,

    da es eine kostenlose demoversion frei gibt und ich bei deinem angebot nicht ausschließen kann ob es eine illegale version ist wird der link entfernt und an dieser stelle geclosed.

    gruß bio

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