What can I do for Lost Android Contacts?

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    What can I do for Lost Android Contacts?

    I was composing a message and the phone got stuck when I was about to select the recipients. (Wanted to group send message so that’s why I was not answering directly.) After waiting for a while the phone was still not responding then I forced to shut down and turned it on again. Okay I again edited the same text and tap to choose receivers. Good grief! NO CONTACTS! EMPTY! Why? What happened?

    I first tried to sync Gmail contacts back to my HTC, however when I logged in to Gmail and it was the same! NO CONTACTS!

    Long story short, I finally found Myjad Android Contact Recovery which seems to be useful because I want simply the contacts. So is there anyone tried successfully restoring lost contacts with this program? Any advice? Many thanks!

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    never heard about this application.

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