The Balls! - Extreme Ball Busting by Savant Inc.

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    The Balls!
    AppStore: The Balls! for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    Website: The Balls!
    Twitter: Savant Inc. (SavantGames) on Twitter
    Facebook: The Balls! - Game | Facebook

    Hardcore sports Coach Timmins wants you to juggle as many sports balls as possible to prove your worth!

    Bounce different balls (soccer, basketball, bowling, and more!) a number of times until they burst! Be careful not to let them drop, or Coach Timmins will give you a verbal whipping!

    The balls are physics enabled and can bounce against each other for a bigger challenge. Tap the balls to bounce them up, or flick them in a direction for more precise control. Bounce them as late as possible for a higher score and crits! And watch out, sometimes the coach will lob a grenade at you to make sure you are paying attention!

    -2 game modes: Classic and Balls mode (no time limit, score as high as you can!)
    -5 different types of balls (and more to come in future updates!)
    -Juggle different types of sports balls to get the highest score
    -Flick them up for more control
    -Open Feint Leaderboards (compete with your friends!)
    -Open Feint Achievements
    -Game Center enabled with Achievements and Leaderboards! Seamless integration with Open Feint!

    The Balls! Trailer

    Here are some awesome comments from early beta testers!

    As one of your recruited victims, that, to be honest, entered into this only half interested, I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED!...
    Damn cool overall and original enough with different mechanics to make it not feel like yet another Fruit Ninja Clone! 5/5
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    It's a real fine juggling act between simply tapping balls to keep them afloat and flinging them to keep them alive longer and consequently score more points. Then you toss in the grenades, which are instant death, and the fact that you only have three lives (you lose one any time a ball falls off the bottom of the screen), and it doesn't take too long before things get hectic and adrenaline filled.

    ... overall I think this game has the potential to be in line with such casual games as Fruit Ninja and Veggie Samurai, and thankfully it doesn't feel like a clone of either.
    Touch Arcade - View Single Post - The Balls! - Coming Soon!
    I've been trying the game out for a bit now, and it's pretty awesome. The sounds fit the gameplay, and (though it sounds cheesy) it's easy to pick up, but hard to master. Because of the pacing of the game, it's very good for short bursts of gameplay, which is mainly the way I play games on my iPhone.
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    5th World
    So, last night I got to handle The Balls. And I have to say, it was awesome. Life changing, even.

    In all seriousness, it's a great little game, well polished and highly addictive. I'm seen a few comparisons to Fruit Ninja and while that is probably it's closest point of reference, The Balls really stands apart as it's own unique and thoroughly engaging game.

    Touch Arcade - View Single Post - The Balls! - Coming Soon!
    Screenshot madness!

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    I've had good sales in Germany, you guys are awesome! I truly appreciate it, and look out for some exciting future updates!

    I'm also open to any suggestions concerning future updates.
    Here is my Google Translated German version of this text

    Ich habe gute Verkäufe in Deutschland hatte, ihr seid super! Ich bin wirklich dankbar, und halten Sie Ausschau nach einigen aufregenden zukünftigen Updates!

    Ich bin auch für alle Anregungen zu zukünftigen Updates öffnen.

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